7 Jun 2017

“Dream Big. Make it Happen.“

2nd AIESEC Alumni Networking Conference

More Than Breakfast 2017


7 Jun 2017

7:30 – 12:30


5-hour event with 100+ AIESEC alumni.

Inspiration. Networking. Contacts.

6 alumni speakers: 1 international and 5 Czech/Slovak.

Olda Bajer | Markéta Kodlová | Adriaan Melsen |

Michal Wasserbauer | David Šiška

Tasty catering provided.

Bonus: AIESEC Spirit & Fun.


Theme: Dream Big. Make it Happen.

Success isn’t scarce. Give yourself permission to dream big and reach for your biggest goals. Often the biggest obstacle is our own fear of failure. Who would you be if money, time or other commitments weren’t a factor? What could you accomplish if nothing stood in your way? Listen to stories of AIESEC alumni who are making it.



Great network is one of the most valuable things one can have. To be part of a network of people with great skills, right attitude and similar mindset is priceless. You will have plenty of opportunities to reunite with old friends nad to get to know new friends from different AIESEC generations.


Our organisation was created in 2016 with the aim to associate and connect former members of AIESEC Česká republika.