20 September 2019

Make a difference!

4th AIESEC Alumni Networking Conference

More Than Breakfast 2019
What can you expect


5-hour event with 100+ AIESEC alumni.

Inspiration. Networking. Contacts.

6 speakers. Networking games. Tasty catering provided.

Bonus: AIESEC Spirit & Fun.


Check-in & Morning coffee




Victor Loewenstein, MBA Coach at Leading International Business Schools First President, AIESEC International 1961-1962

“AIESEC is for life!“

How AIESEC has impacted on our lives, whether professional, personal or social. And as such why an AIESEC career does not end on completing university graduation.



René Jež, Owner at Lionhearted, Official representative of Cannes Lions Festival / Co-founder at Trilogická Synergie AIESEC Ostrava & AIESEC in the Czech republic 1992-1995 Board member of AIESEC Alumni Association Czech republic


Wherever I was whatever I was doing, I always wanted to make a difference. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. I will share a couple of stories from my journey and some learning I made along the way.



Sebastian Moscoso Paloma, President of AIESEC in the Czech republic

One by one we eXchange people!

How exchanges are the core of our organisation and how they develop everyone that is involved for a better future



Structured networking


Brunch break & Free networking


Petra Petrušková, Founder & Director of Lumpíkov

Pay it forward

People like to help and the ways are different. More than 4 years ago I decided to open a non-profit organization that supports women to get back on a track after having a baby, fully use their career potencial and still be a happy mom . It has never been easy, but its worth it. I´ll share my story. What it cost me and what it gave me.



Lukáš Kružberský, Business Director at Red Media

Moments of truth

In the critical situations, you learn the most. About yourself, about those around you. About motivations. Fears. Stereotypes. They are opportunities. To move on. To change something. I want to share with you some of those that happened to me. Expect ordinary situations. But extraordinary lessons for me.



Sergio Razo, MBA, Counselor, Life Mentor and Wellness Professional Global Compliance IT Functional Area Leader – Emerson Electric, President of AIESEC Alumni Association Czech republic

Becoming a Best Practice. If Not Us Then Who?

AIESEC Alumni has been for too long struggling to find a core work to become inspired. What if the reason to gain focus is next to us? He comes with a vision to become a best practice community sharing with us the results of the latest project funded by the EU in cooperation with AIESEC in the Czech Republic.



Closing & Tasty soup & Networking