7 jun 2017

“Dream Big. Make it Happen.“

AIESEC Alumni Networking Conference

More Than Breakfast 2017
What can you expect


5-hour event with 100+ AIESEC alumni.

Inspiration. Networking. Contacts.

5 alumni speakers: 1 international and 4 Czech/Slovak.

Tasty catering provided.

Bonus: AIESEC Spirit & Fun.


Check-in & Breakfast




Adriaan Melsen, Global Relationship Director, BNP Paribas Group (Paris, France)

“The Journey of an open mind“

How two mental changes helped me grow both personally and

professionally. AIESEC helped me to grow an open perspective to the world. Accepting my sexuality and coming out strongly influenced who I am and what I do for myself and the LGBT community. Let me share with you some of the difficulties I faced and how I turned these challenges into opportunities.

More about Adriaan:

AIESEC career – LCP LC Gent, Belgium



Markéta Kodlová, Developer of residential projects and real-estate franchise owner

“Every Day Is Yours to Win“

I would like to share with you. My journey from the City of London to Prague real-estate and to online marketing, my journey from employment to entrepreneurship.

How I have handled all of the above and being a mum too, what I have faced and what I have gained, and how much I love doing… what I love.

More about Marketa:

AIESEC career – LCP AIESEC Ostrava 00/01, MCVP Finance, ČR



Networking game


Coffee break & Free Networking


Olda Bajer, co-founder www.centrum.cz – co-founder and general manager of Zoot.cz.

“Digital Future of The Czech Republic“

The current digital situation. What we need to do to take this unique opportunity and how the Czech Republic can change its international position through the digital revolution.

More about Olda:

I graduated from the Faculty of Transport in Pardubice and in the mid-1990s I participated in the establishment of NetCentrum. With then business partner Ondrej and also AIESEC Alumni we sold it. I am currently engaged in the Rock for People festivals or in the Kašpárek v rohlíku project. I also co-founded the Czech showcase festival – Nouvelle Prague. In addition to music, I’m also engaged in fashion. Together with Láďa Trpák I manage today one of the biggest online stores with fashion Zoot.cz.

I owe AIESEC everything – without AIESEC I would not meet people who moved me, invited, gave a chance …

AIESEC career – LC Pardubice, 1995-1997



Michal Wasserbauer, CEO, Cekindo, Indonésia

“Business from different perspective“

How to survive relationship which changes your reality and perspective to motivate you starting own business in more than 10 thousands kilometres far away from your home and make your life partner as your business partner.

More about Michal:

AIESEC career – LC Brno, Czech MC



David Siska, CEO, Bonami

“ The Opposite Side of Success.“

Everybody’s story has two sides and the one we see is mostly the shiny one. I would like to share my story and learnings which help me to achieve my dreams. And they are not only the shiny ones.

More about David:

AIESEC career – VP LC Brno





Tasty soup & Networking